The troupial, also known as the Venezuelan troupial, is a new world oriole.

It lives in South America, and is the national bird of Venezuela.

The troupial has striking black, white and orange coloring.

Its head and upper chest are black, while its back and the rest of its underside are orange.

Troupial, photo by Peter Meneen

Its wings are black with white streaks.

It  has a rich, piping song.

It lives in dry forests, dry grasslands and dry shrublands.

The troupial is omnivorous and eats fruits, insects, eggs and small birds.

It may build its nest on cacti.

Sometimes, a troupial will steal other bird's nests or take over nests that have been abandoned.

Troupials are territorial, and will fight fiercely to defend their territories against intruders.

Their beautiful coloring and melodic song make some people enjoy having them as pets.