The cane rat, also known as the grasscutter, can grow almost two feet long, excluding its tail.

It lives in Africa, south of the Sahara.

The cane rat lives in thick vegetation, where it can find food while remaining hidden. It always lives near water, and it is a good swimmer and diver.

There are two species of cane rat - the greater and the lesser cane rat.

The greater cane rat lives in marshes and reed beds close to streams and rivers.

The lesser cane rat can be found in dry ground in moist grasslands.

Like all rodents, the cane rat must continually gnaw at things to keep its incisors (front teeth) from growing too long. The can rat therefore constantly bites grass (which is why it is called the "grasscutter") aswell as other vegetation.

Cane rats eat sugar cane, grasses, nuts and fruits that have fallen from trees.

They can open very hard nut shells with their teeth.

The cane rat's nest is made of grass and shredded leaves.